What is Construction Project Management?

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A Construction Project Management (CPM) is a professional services that uses techniques and advance technology to oversee the planning, designs and manage the construction of the whole project from start to finish. The function of construction project management is to monitor and supervise the project as well as to ensure that they meet the client’s requirements. This includes the time, cost and quality standards.

Construction Project Management

Here are the five sectors in construction management industry.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Heavy Civil
  • Environmental

A construction manager or the project manager is the key to have a successful projects. Each sectors has a different objectives, different materials and equipment but the role is still the same.

A construction project management is managed and controlled by different contractors according to the field of expertise. The contractors are being selected through bidding, the contractors will submit proposals according to the client’s need.

Below are the function of construction project management.

  1. Review the objective of the project. Everything should be finalized according to scope, scheduling, budget setting and right manpower.
  2. Maximize the efficiency in production, proper utilization of materials, equipment as well as the labor. Materials should be available and check the quality before the operation this is to avoid delays in completing the task. A correct materials should be in the list for checking before the job operation.
  3. Every task should be in proper planning, correct estimation and construction.
  4. A proper communication should be practice to resolve some issues in every aspect of the project. A progress report on project should be implementing to check the financial status of the project.

Key Features For Project Planning

There are nine features to consider in a construction project. This should be implemented  to get an effective results. Here are the following:

  1. Make sure that all element related to the project should be coordinated and managed properly and effectively.
  2. A correct scope that is related within the project.
  3. Enough time to make a proper project schedule.
  4. Proper handling and controlling of budget. Identifying what is the most important materials and resources for the operation.
  5. Best quality of materials as well as the services to ensure that you meet the requirements needed.
  6. Administrative assistance through Human resources to hire the right person according to their background expertise.
  7. Communication is very important to eliminate damages or conflicts in the project.
  8. A proper risk management for potential danger in the site.
  9. Finding the necessary resources to complete the project effectively and in timely manner.

Construction project management is very serious and challenging job that needs to be managed, focus and understand properly. Through the years, project management has an excellent planning skills, precise decision making capabilities and efficient communication skills to clients and other contractors.

A project manager has a good leadership to make the team to be effective. Completing the project in the target time with a good quality of services as well as making sure that all the people involve are safe, a well-define scope, a responsive team, an appropriate working environment with proper planning and implementation is the key to a successful project. In every accomplishment of the project manager is also a team success.


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